The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused problems to a lot of users. Now, Samsung will finally give an explanation.

This year, Samsung had its low point because of the numerous explosions of the said smartphone. However, the real reason behind the explosion seems unclear to users. In a report by BGR , other device factors might also have something to do with the failure despite reports that the battery is the only main issue.

Due to the increasing number of Galaxy Note 7 incidents, users are worrying about their safety. Sadly, some users switched to other brands. It was then that the company started investigating the incidents one by one.

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As of now, Samsung has not acknowledged other theories of the explosion but they will announce the final results of the probe by the end of the year. It was a low point for the company when it was forced to issue a worldwide recall in September.

Yahoo Tech reports that the initial batch of Galaxy Note 7 only suffered from battery issues. They also tried to assure users with battery replacement. However, the incidents worsened, which led to the decision of the company to terminate production in October. It spread more fear among avid users regarding the danger that the device has brought.

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Unfortunately, the probe results will affect the Samsung Galaxy brand, yet they are ready to take risks following their launch of the flagship Galaxy S8, which will be out early next year.

After the explosion incidents, many users returned their phones, and these disposals had huge financial and environmental costs. The company’s status will depend on the probe results that will be issued soon.

Samsung assures users that it is exerting all possible efforts to find out the exact cause of the accidents.