Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumours and speculations have only increased in intensity over the past few weeks and moving ahead towards the launch of the highly-anticipated device more details are bound to surface. In the meantime let’s look at the upgrade that the upcoming smartphone is expected to take in comparison to the two-year-old Galaxy Note 4.

As noted by Android Pit, Galaxy Note 4 has been mentioned time and again as one of the best Android devices around and it was the time when the Korean tech giant began to make changes in the design, so much so that even today it stands well in comparison to its successor, the Note 5 . The Note 6, on the other hand, is expected to bring loyalists a refreshed design. As for the display, the Note 4 featured a QHD screen and the Note 6 is expected to possess similar resolutions. However, rumours are rife that the smartphone may boast of a curved display as seen on the “Edge” lineup from the company. Fans may want to keep their fingers crossed for this one.

When the Note 4 made its entry into the market, its camera stood out and the Note 6 is expected to pull off a similar stunt. The upcoming device is speculated to be strapped with a larger camera arrangement of 25MP and f/1.4 aperture lens. While this would result is some really beautiful images, the rumour should be taken with a  big pinch of salt.

However, it is known that the tech giant after creating news for the displays on its smartphones is now on to high-end mobile camera modules for its smartphones. A report on Sam Mobile revealed that the Korean tech giant “is working on a brand new 1/1.7-inch CMOS camera sensor with an aperture as wide as ƒ/1.4. The new sensor could have a resolution of anywhere between 18-24 megapixels.” And if this is the direction that Samsung intends to take then expectation on camera specifications of the Note 6, sure must be high amongst fans.

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