Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 swarming the Net; it seems to be one of the most anticipated devices of the year. As we can remember, its predecessors have garnered quite a following. Prevalent speculations say that the 2016 flagship from the Korean tech giant may arrive with a 6GB RAM in tow.

According to the latest report on KnowYourMobile, that might very much be a possibility since Samsung has recently gone ahead and brought out a new RAM chip. It is expected to grace the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 according to sources. Reportedly, the latest chip with LPDDR4 DRAM setup employs a 10nm architecture at 6GB. The 10nm architecture indicates better and efficient performance for the RAM which will eventually result in reduced battery consumption.

The rumoured specs so far paint the Note 6 to be something to watch out for and the newest chip further indicates at how efficient the device could be. The phablet is expected to arrive embedded with a massive 4,000mAh battery. And given the route that the Galaxy S7 has gone with its battery life, it appears that the Note 6 would be boasting of quite a battery life.

There have always been rumours that the Korean tech company is looking at a Note 6 model possessing a curved display, akin to the Edge series. Dutch website GSMHelpDesk had earlier shared that the company may be busy at work since it was said to be testing two prototypes. Tech aficionados may recollect that the company unveiled the Galaxy Note 4 with the Galaxy Note EDGE. The report revealed that the two prototypes included one with the curved screen while the other with a flat display. However, it is being widely accepted that the company is doing so to take a call on whether or not to launch the smartphone with a curved screen. The company won’t be releasing two Note devices this year, as it did during the Note 4 launch.

So, while certain details about the device continue to be shrouded in uncertainty, as weeks pass by a 6GB RAM for the Note 6 seems that much more certain.