The latest speculations are bound to delight fans who happen to be eagerly waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. It appears that the highly anticipated device could be landing sooner rather than later.

According to the recent tweet from prolific leaker Evan Blass, the offering could be arriving two weeks in advance. His tweet from June 2: “Galaxy Note 6/7 launch event is almost exactly two months away.” Last year witnessed the Note 5 landing on August 13. It appears that the next Note device could be launched sooner than that.

While more information about the release date surfaces, details about what the sixth device in the Note lineup will be called still happen to be shrouded in uncertainty. As noted by TechRadar, the upcoming offering could bear the moniker of Note 7, instead of Note 6. The company may probably skip a number since the Galaxy S series is in its seventh version and they would want the Note handset to lineup with the series.

It isn’t clear why the company would intend to make the move now after so many years. However, it would certainly avoid any confusion for those who may mistakenly think that the Note 6 is a variant sitting at a lower rung in comparison to the Galaxy S7, owing to the titles.

In addition to these details, word about a certain spec on the Galaxy Note 6 has made its way out. Reportedly, the offering will be equipped with a dual camera on the back. Apparently, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is looking at a new dual camera arrangement that will likely be ready for the upcoming Samsung Note.

iPhone 7 Plus is also heavily rumored to be landing with a dual camera setup. So, it makes sense that Samsung would leave no stone unturned to give the upcoming Apple offering a tough competition. However, take this rumour with a large pinch of salt until more proof becomes public.

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