Samsung Galaxy Note 6 being one of the highly-anticipated devices of the year is having numerous leaks and speculations arriving which makes fans excited; it also gives them a lot to mull over. While all of the rumours have a lot to do with the hardware, the software enhancements are still shrouded in uncertainty.

However, some details have now found their way out and it appears that users could be enjoying some impressive S Note features that the Note 6 is expected to bring. According to report on Sam Mobile, the Screen off memo feature will find an extension of sorts with the new update wherein users could easily scroll down to add further content, something akin to the “scrolling screenshot function.”

Furthermore, after the update, users will have the option to secure the notes they have jotted down using their fingerprints. Users will first be required to lock the device with any one of the methods. The update will allow users to directly make changes from within the app as opposed to relying on the Private mode.

Other interesting features include the addition of the recycle bin, which would give users the liberty to retrieve notes that they have deleted and may want back. One more added feature is the ability to import notes from the other applications. Chances are that the new features could also turn up as an update sometime later in the year, rather than with the Note 6.

As shared by Technobuffalo, the Galaxy Note 6 is expected to be introduced to the world somewhere around mid-August. Until then expect to hear more about what the device has in store for its fans out there. And yes, this time around the offering is said to be launching globally, much to the delight of many countries in the European Union.

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