Samsung isn’t one to let up when it comes to the smartphone flagship race. As a matter of fact, each year, the South Korean tech giant unleashes two of them to gain the edge against its rivals.

Now that the whole world is waiting for the company to unleash another addition to the Note lineup, rumours are now starting to surface, stating the Samsung plans to equip the Galaxy Note 6 with durability certifications as and new, innovative features.

According to GSMArena, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will come with an IP68 rating. This means that Samsung’s up and coming monolithic flagship will be dust and water resistant, similar to the company’s Galaxy S7, which is capable of lasting up to 30 minutes submerged into 1.5 metres of water.

However, Samsung equipping the next Galaxy Note with water and dust resistance doesn’t actually come off as a surprise. The company has been known to bring their flagship models with durability ratings, so it’s expected that the Galaxy Note 6 will also feature the same when it finally comes out.

What does come off as much of a surprise is a new report from GalaxyClub, a dutch site that managed to find out that a “previously unseen” Iris Cam has been moved to India in one of Samsung’s Research and Development facilities. While the handset’s name isn’t actually labeled on the device save for the clear indication of “Samsung Mobile,” it would only be logical that it will arrive in the company’s Galaxy Note 6.

As far as the specifications go, rumours point out that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will come with a whopping 6GB of RAM and a 5.8-inch display Furthermore, it will also feature a 12MP primary camera, with onboard storage starting at 64GB and may end at 256GB. Samsung could also release the handset this May.