The onslaught of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumours continues and rightly so, given that fans are counting down days to when the device will be introduced to the world. Tech aficionados in the UK may surely be anticipating the arrival of this iteration, given that the Note 5 never made it to the shores.

The latest from the rumour mills is bound to delight fans since the whispers suggest that the Galaxy Note 6 may boast of a curved display akin to the company’s Edge lineup. That isn’t all, the device is also expected to land with a with a bigger battery in tow. It will be surpassing its predecessor that held a 3,000mAh to a much larger 4,000mAh battery, as noted by Forbes. As reported earlier, word around the street also indicates that the Note 6 may well boast of 6GB RAM. Many may recollect that even when the Note 5 had landed it was one of the first smartphones to possess 4GB RAM.

The curved display rumours stem from a report on the Dutch website GSMHelpDesk, which reveals that the tech giant may be testing two prototypes of the Note 6. One of these boasts of a curved display similar to Samsung’s Edge series, while the other features a regular one. However, the report strongly indicates that the company will only be launching one of the models. If the curved display model is picked by the company, it would clearly mean that there won’t be a Galaxy S7 Edge+ variant that the company was expected to unveil earlier this year. Other rumoured spec on the Note 6 is the 12MP snapper as seen on the latest Galaxy S7 series. It’s a watch and wait game for now until the company takes a call on which of the two variants would be worthy of the Note 6 moniker.

Fans might witness the arrival of the device ahead of the IFA show to be held in Berlin. Keep coming back for more updates, speculations and rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.