Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is gearing up to arrive in a special avatar for buyers in the manufacturer’s home country. Just in time for the holidays, a special edition of the Galaxy Note 5 will be launched with 128GB of internal storage.

Samsung loyalists who wanted to get their hands on the device but were holding back because of the storage restrictions, may probably scramble to the stores to snag this version. The handset  originally launched arrived sans a microSD card slot and only offered 64GB of internal storage.

However, the move may upset fans who settled for the 64GB version of one of the best flagships to be coming out of Samsung stables. But nonetheless many will surely be delighted to get hold of this winter edition. Loyalists around the globe can only hope that this 128GB avatar crosses Korean borders. There is no official word from the company yet, but fans can definitely keep their fingers crossed.

As shared by Sam Mobile, customers in Samsung’s homeland will also be treated to other tech paraphernalia when purchasing the 128GB Galaxy Note 5. Upon buying the Note 5, customers will be gifted a fast wireless charger for no additional cost. Furthermore, those buyers getting hold of either the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the S6 Edge+ will get a free Gear VR.

It was just this year that Samsung began to churn out flagships without a microSD card slot, much to the dismay of many users. Furthermore, with the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+, the 128GB variants were also done away with. This posed problems for Samsung loyalists who were so used to having extendable memory, and didn’t want to rely on cloud. The Galaxy Note 5 with all its 128GB is probably a pleasant surprise for fans.

As noted by Digital Trends, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 special edition wears a price tag of 999,900 won ($850). This edition will be available through SKT and KT carriers and potential buyers can pick between shades of Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium.