Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, since its arrival, has been one of the offerings to look out for when deciding to get your hands on a wearable that has all the smarts.

Tech aficionados are keeping one eye out to note all details surrounding the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S7; and in the meantime, the company has gone ahead and released two different variants of its popular wearable. Fans may obviously have to shell out a few extra bucks to get their hands on the latest additions to the lineup.

The first model shows-off a current favorite color — rose gold in all its 18K plated glory, while the other option boasts of a dapper platinum plated dial. As shared by Digital Trends, the design is intact and nothing changes besides the 18K rose gold and platinum splashes that the Galaxy Gear S2 has received. The coating gives these light-weight devices a “jewel-like” feel.

The rose gold Gear S2 Classic and the platinum model both possess leather bands, in an ivory color for the former, while the latter will sport a black one and these are replaceable if users wish to give it a different look. The two models are bringing along with them four new watch faces which are exclusive to this range. Users can access these with a long press on the long press on the display. The new watch faces are designed to complement the latest colors on the wearables.

Fans can also keep a look out for when a official date is announced for the Gear S2 to be receiving support for Samsung Pay. Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 is expected to be arriving sometime in February as reported by Android Central. And since the Galaxy Gear S2 have been originally retailing at $350, these high-end models will definitely be wearing a heavier price tag.