Recipient of Order of Australia Bawa Singh Jagdev has given his views on same-sex marriage. He said that such traditions could prove destructive for the human race.

Jagdev, who is also the secretary of Australia’s National Sikh Council’s, received an Order of Australia award in 2012. However, he is again in the news after he said that the same-sex marriage bill will “destroy the whole human race”.  In a submission to the inquiry to Australian Senate, Jagdev suggested such couples be called “homo unions.”

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Jagdev said that the proposals made in the same-sex marriage bill are “against the law of nature.” “God created humans on this planet to propagate the human race and not to destroy it. This bill will destroy the whole human race,” he said.

The recipient of the prestigious award says he does not, however, oppose gay relationships. He said that gays should be allowed being in a relationship, but they should not marry. Jagdev made comments on same-sex marriage on behalf of the National Sikh Council of Australia–an organization that claims to be the “voice” of Sikhs in Australia.

Same-Sex Marriage & Politics

There are divided opinions on same-sex marriage as far as Australian political leaders are concerned. On Monday, Cory Bernardi quit from the Coalition to make his own party, Australian Conservatives. The LNP leader had different views on gay marriage, Islam and climate change, which did not go well with the coalition. As a result of his opposing views on such matters, he decided to resign.

He said that his new conservative movement would initiate the work on the creation of stronger families, according to Business Insider. Bernardi said that his initiatives will give a new direction to the “current state of Australian politics”.  Bernardi said that he observed the party has been drifting from its values with an intention to grab more and more votes in the elections. Hence, he would prefer quitting the coalition and forming his own party to stick to the policies.

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