Sally Faulkner has elaborated the situation where she said goodbye to her eldest children in Lebanon moments before returning home.

Faulkner has finally been reunited with her new partner Brendan Pierce. She is now at peace as she is also reunited with their three-month-old son Eli, after facing abduction charges.

The mother-of-three gave up her custody rights in exchange for the charges against her being dropped, says 9 News.

Faulkner did not leave until Friday to say goodbye to five-year-old Lahela and three-year-old Noah, while the 60 Minutes crew returned to Sydney on Thursday.

The crew and Faulkner were detained at the same time.

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“It feels surreal,” she told 60 Minutes.

“I had to say goodbye to my babies. And Lahela, she looked at me and said can you take my ring…so you don’t forget me.”

Nine Network reporter Michael Usher has admitted “we made mistakes” in a 60 Minutes report. He said so about his colleagues’ imprisonment in Lebanon over a failed kidnapping attempt.

In the long run, a deal was made with Ali Elamine to free the five Australians from prison on bail. Later the crew came back to Australia on Thursday, says ABC News.

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“In the past two weeks we’ve been limited in what we could say about Australian mum Sally Faulkner and our crew detained in Beirut,” Usher said.

“There’s one thing we want to state very clearly from the outset — we made mistakes,” Usher said.

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He also said that now they are home and thus could start to address the array of events. In the next few weeks they will share in detail what they know about the whole sad scenario, says Usher.

However, reporter Tara Brown, who was imprisoned in Beirut along with her crew and Faulkner, contradicted. She said that they were journalists, who were just doing their job.

“I really thought we’re journalists, we’re doing our job, they will see reason, they’ll understand that,” she said.