Former Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer’s marriage, which began with a lavish wedding, may not have remained all that rosy, according to reports. But Mehajer denied the speculations around his marriage, saying they are still a happy couple.

Mehajer has been posting old images of himself and his wife Aysha along with declarations of love on social media after she reportedly left their Lidcombe mansion to live with her family in the NSW Illawarra region.

The Daily Mail reported that Aysha was a beautician with strawberry-blonde hair and fair skin before she converted to Islam. In October, she claimed that the transformation was a personal preference over speculations that she had to undergo it for her husband.

Aysha has also reportedly changed her surname back to Learmonth, her maiden name.

The reported that Mehajer was yelling while knocking on the door of a house in Wollongong, where Aysha was apparently staying with her sister. Mehajer was allegedly demanding back the keys of a Mercedes car that his wife was using.

“Police have spoken to a number of witnesses who are assisting with their inquiries,” NSW Police said in a statement. The police also confirmed that an investigation on an incident of domestic violence involving a 29-year-old man in Horsley is underway.

Though Mehajer has managed to get hold of the car keys, Aysha seems to have gone further out of reach with rumours that she has left NSW for Gold Coast. Her husband is, however, not ready to accept that a crack has formed in their relations ship.

“We are living happily — just away from our Lidcombe residence,” he said.

On Tuesday, Mehajer posted a video of him walking on the beach with a woman whom he claimed was his wife. The couple was walking on a beach, hand in hand, with their backs to the camera, so it could not be immediately confirmed whether it was Aysha or not.

Last week, another video showing Mehajer kissing a woman who was not his wife emerged. The images on the video came with captions such as “The moment I fell in love” or “My soul mate.” The video slideshow also bore a date of November 2014 which was just nine months before Mehajer and Aysha’s over-the-top wedding.