Following Channel Nine’s revelation of a violent video message sent by former Auburn’s deputy mayor Salim Mehajer to wife Aysha Learmonth, the politician has come to his defense.
He has blamed Channel Nine for bittering his relationship with his wife by fueling the matter and publicly revealing the video message, which was a nothing but a “set-up.” Within 24 hours of the public display of the footage by the channel, Mehajer shared a video where he has been featured enjoying cozy moments with Virgin Airline employee Constance Siaflas.
Soon after the politician’s sharing of the post, the flight attendant has made her account private. She confirmed to a media outlet that the video featured her with the politician but that did not mean they were in a relationship.
The video appears to be a weapon used to  hit back by Mehajer to prove his point against the allegations made during the Today show hosted by Alison Piotrowski on Monday. While hosting the show, the reporter said that whatever was in the video was quite disturbing.
After the A Current Affair report, the publicity team of the politician took over the screen on Monday to defend the client. it said that the video had no emotional relevance in the public forum. mentioned that its statement indicated that the video footage was not “real.”
“No offence, Alison, you are a talented reporter who needs to spend more time getting shaken up by the ‘real’ stories that need ‘real’ awareness, not by an individual yelling into their personal phone camera,” the statement noted. “Which is the exact reason why I never took any requests to participate or be interviewed for that story seriously — because I don’t believe it’s classified as credible news.”

The threatening video aired by the show on Channel Nine Network showed how insensitive Mehajer was while addressing his wife. “Aysha you’ve got five minutes to give me a call,” Mehajer said as quoted by The Daily Mail. “I’m going to rape your mum. Your mum and your f****** dad.”