Controversy king Salim Mehajer is all set to challenge the Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) issued on his name after a complaint of fear of domestic exploitation was filed by his wife Aysha Learmonth.

Earlier the former Auburn deputy mayor said that his wife has nothing to do with the AVO. It was the police that issued the order in the name of Aysha, he said. It was surprising to see that neither Mehajer nor his wife was present during the Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court hearing on Wednesday.

Although the Australian political figure did not appear in court, he specified his disagreement to two points in the AVO, which his lawyer Matt Ward said he would fight against. The two conditions included one that demanded Mehajer must not be found within 50 m of where she stayed or worked. The second condition wanted the husband to never contact his wife by any means of communication.

Mehajer, on the other hand, agreed to other points, including no harassing or menacing her. Ward, on Wednesday morning, told Magistrate Chris O’Brian that his client would fight against certain conditions mentioned in the AVO. As a result, the court issued a provisional extension of the order on the interim basis. The judge said the hearing will be held once again on August 17, two days after the first anniversary of the couple.

Police have been given the chance of filing evidence until July 27  while the Sydney property developer has been asked to file statements in reply to the evidence until August 10.

In conversation with, Mehajer discussed the AVO matter. He said that it was not his wife but NSW police that have issued the AVO out of revenge. “Aysha has NOT taken out an AVO against me. The police are pursuing for an AVO,” Mehajer said on Wednesday.

Where so many claims and statements have been recorded by Mehajer, no reaction or response has yet been obtained from Aysha.

The Mehajer wedding was an extravagant one where he not only restricted a busy street of the city but also hampered traffic and public life.