A special “Sailor Moon” exhibit opens in Tokyo on April 16 to celebrate it as one of Japan’s most popular manga and anime.

The expo will take place atop Mori Tower located in Roppongi Hills. It will feature vibrant display of original color art besides “Sailor Moon” anime cells. Not just these, the expo will also exhibit new works which will be exclusive.

Apart from that, the museum will have a lot more things to offer to the fans. According to  Fashion Press, a “Sailor Moon” Cafe will also serve up special Sailor Moon hamburgers and other Sailor Moon themed items. Furthermore, on sale will be limited edition “Sailor Moon” goods. A couple of months back, the premium advance ticket bookers were given a “Small Lady Set” as a bonus. The set is actually a recreation of a gift hamper which was presented to readers of Nakayoshi magazine back when “Sailor Moon” was being serialized in the monthly girls’ publication. Naturally the set is a delight for any follower of the series.

It will also be exciting for the fans to know that the original color artwork by Naoko Takeuchi on display will be altered twice during the exhibit (to protect the material). The exhibition will be divided into three phases, the first from April 16 to May 8, the second from May 9 to May 29 and the third and final phase from May 30 to June 19.  The neighboring Museum Cafe and Restaurant will also be team up with the exhibit, adding special delicacies.

Tickets for adults are 1,800 yen (US$16.50), while senior tickets, student tickets, and children’s tickets are 1,500 yen ($13.80), 1,200 yen ($11) and 600 yen ($5.50) each, respectively.

All put together the entire package of the exhibit sounds quite interesting for the devoted fans, giving them enough reasons to visit it.