The announcement that said Sadiq Khan is the the first Muslim to take on the job of mayor had a lot of significance. The appointment of a new mayor of London is itself a historical moment, but Khan made more than history.

Here’s a list of five reasons why it is possible to expect Sadiq Khan as the next British Prime Minister.

He is an All Time Winner

One must remember the victories he had got for himself. At least three among his last four, have been very much against the odds, and arguably all four.

In 2015 General Election, the Labor party was shattered nationally. However, in London it actually increased its domination of the city, going up to 45 of 73 constituencies. And surprisingly Khan was in charge of the Labor’s campaign in London.

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He defeated Tessa Jowell to be the mayor candidate fro Labor, says The Independent.

Man For Entire London

Khan will have the capital at his feet while walking into the London City Hall as Mayor. He will be controlling a budget of £17 billion with control over transport, policing and planning.

“If we ever get a prime minister of colour it will be because of what Sadiq Khan has achieved.” MP David Lammy said.

It’s often argued that the Mayor of London is the next Prime Minister, says The Telegraph.

Love for Human Rights

When he was still an ambitious young lawyer, the sort of cases Khan fought was chiefly human rights legislation.

Although, there was an anti-police, anti-establishment theme to it, Khan represented Leroy Logan, a senior black police officer unfairly accused of fraud.

Much of his work as a human rights lawyer was representing or advising people, who deserved a fair trial in court.

People Believe in Him

According to The Guardian, London needs to start caring about it’s people more and give them a better life.

“I’ve seen many neighbours of decades feel that they have no choice but to leave as the economic pressure of this city is relentless,” a Londoner said.

Khan’s appointment would change a lot of things, while he would make London a city of tolerance and respect.

A 49-year-old Londoner, Dawood Gustave, said he expects that the mayor will earn what he said he would by providing “hope and unity.”

A Political Opportunist?

Khan as a political opportunist is a perspective that has been shared by some of his Parliamentary colleagues.

“He is unprincipled,” said an MP.

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“I see him like Nixon, the primary unprincipled politician of modern times, unknowable, highly successful electorally.”