“Sad Papaw” is finally happy! This, after over a hundred “honorary grandchildren” showed up to his burger cookout.

According to News9, Kenneth Harmon, popularly known as “Sad Papaw,” had a cook-out in Oklahoma over the weekend. And, unlike his real grandkids who previously ditched him, hundreds of fans showed up for his burgers. Harmon first became the Internet’s favourite granddad after a photo of him eating alone became viral. He previously cooked 12 burgers for his six grandchildren. But only one grandchild, Kelsey, showed up.

Feeling sorry for making him eat alone, his family threw a cook-out for him. And, according to Fox News, guests from all over the world came to meet Papaw and taste his home-cooked burgers. “It’s been kinda crazy. We’re just overwhelmed with the turnout,” a family member was quoted as saying. “There are folks here from Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, California, [and even] Germany.”

Papaw himself was overwhelmed with the attention. “It went around the world before I knew about it. An ordinary person seeing that it’s unbelievable. It’s more like a movie than real life,” he told News9.

A guest, Sharon Fernandez, explained why she drove 20 hours from southern California with her daughters to meet Papaw himself. “It was sad, you know? Here he makes this dinner for his grandchildren, but I understand it, we all have busy lives,” Fernandez told News 9.

Most of Papaw’s grandkids showed up for his burgers at the cook-out. Ironically, according to Fox, Kelsey was a no-show this time. She was the one who posted the original viral photo.

Burgers were sold at the cook-out for $2 (A$2.62). “I ate a burger with Sad Papaw” shirts were also sold for $16 (A$20.98). According to Fox, the money raised during the event covered the cook-out expenses. Any remaining money reportedly went to Papaw himself.