The long-awaited biopic on Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the band Queen has faced some serious issues. Conflict arose between Sacha Baron Cohen and Queen bandmembers especially Brian May when the latter decided to quit from the movie.

Cohen has never been the kind which would move away from the truth but Queen, allegedly, wanted a sugarcoated story. Cohen wanted to reveal the dark truth in a PG-rated movie.He wanted to present the hedonistic lifestyle of the legendary singer, Mercury but the band could not do so because they wanted to protect his legacy.

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May has denied the accusations and said, “Why would he go away and say that we didn’t want to make a gritty film?” He even blamed it on Cohen’s acting skills.

“Sacha became an a***,” he said to Daily Mail. “We had some nice times with Sacha kicking around ideas, but he went off and told untruths about what happened.”

The making of the movie still moves on with May and Roger Taylor,  Variety reports. They are still looking for an actor to play Mercury. It is said that Ben Whishaw, who plays Q in the most recent James Bond films, would play Mercury, The Guardian reported.

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May has strong political views and did not like David Cameron using Queen’s music for his election campaign. He said “I certainly didn’t give permission for that. Don’t put me down as anti-Tory but you can put me down as anti-Cameron. “I think we’re in a shocking, awful, awful, awful state, and it’s getting worse.” He’s not the only star to disapprove of such political act. Earlier the “Rolling in the Deep” singer Adele has also asked Donald Trump to stop using her music.