The legalization of ride-sharing apps was announced by the South Australian Government in the state, giving way to operators like GoCatch’s GoCar and UberX.

For which Uber has released a statement, saying, “We will review the detail of the Government’s proposal and decide whether or not we launch UberX in South Australia. We hope the Government will consider the removal of arbitrary red tape, including unnecessary costs or time delays, that would prevent South Australians from being able to access flexible work when they need it.”

“We welcome the Government’s recognition that there is an overdue need for reform of the point to point transport industry in South Australia and that services like ridesharing need to be welcomed to the State,” general manager of Uber Adelaide, Tom White told Gizmodo.

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Uber says that the current proposals are in response to pressure from the industry, instead of opening up opportunity and choice. The company added that the proposal of the Government doesn’t seem to be as affordable and seamless as they could be.

American multinational company has also stated that the costs and the length of time for the Adelaidean to become a part-time ridesharing driver is “far in excess of the cost and time” of the other states. While in NSW, the cost is just $45 according to official approval, and in the ACT, it takes only a few days.

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Uber has the least interest in limiting the opportunity and choice instead it is very keen to work with the government to open up the same.

“South Australians who need access to flexible paid work should be able to do so without paying hundreds of dollars in fees or waiting months for their application to be processed,” says Uber (via Gizmodo).

On the contrary, GoCar has surprising welcomed the changes with open arms.

“This move will enable greater choice and convenience for passengers looking to get from A to B and create new opportunities for drivers to supplement their income,” said GoCar, notes iTwire.