Missing Australian man Rye Hunt was “extremely” paranoid and looked fearful after taking drugs with his companion, according to the owner of the Rio de Janeiro nightclub.

Bruno Mouta said that Hunt and his friend, 22-year-old Mitchell Sheppard, stayed at the club where Hunt was last seen in public until it closed. They had to be accompanied back to their hostel by Mouta and a few bodyguards.

Mouta recalled how he tried to speak to them at the club, as they were “high” and were “not thinking straight,” according to ABC News.

“They were under the effect of a kind of drug, I don’t know which one,” he said. “So, they started to see things and they thought everyone there was staring at them, that everyone there wanted to kill them.”

Mouta also alleged that Hunt had told them they had been taking the MDMA drugs. Hunt explained that he was not a usual drug user, but decided to try it as he came to Brazil and partied.

By the time they arrived at the hostel, Sheppard was slowly recovering, but Hunt was still “terrified,” pleading to Mouta to not leave because he feels he was the only one who could save him.

Mouta left his phone number to Sheppard. The next day, he sent a WhatsApp message to check on the pair. Three days later, Sheppard messaged Mouta asking him about Hunt’s whereabouts, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Hunt and Sheppard went to the Rio de Janeiro International Airport to book a flight to Bolivia but had an argument that lead to the former taking a taxi to Copacabana. He rented an apartment there and left at around 6 p.m., and was not heard from since.

Just yesterday, a police spokesperson for the Brazilian Police said in a video that Hunt was discovered alive at Cotunduba Island, where he swam while he was under the influence of the drugs.