Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds share a common name, but the similarities just begin there. The hot Hollywood celebrities are separately expecting their second child with their partners Eva Mendes and Blake lively respectively.

A close source told Vogue that both of them are super excited. “Blake is absolutely thrilled and so is Ryan.” Mendes and Gosling already have a first daughter named Esmerelda who is 18-months-old. Reynolds has a baby James with Lively.

The two actors share striking similarities and it is very difficult to differentiate them. Even one user tweeted about this and it compelled Reynolds to share the differences between the two.

Apart from different hair colour which is light blonde for Gosling and darker for Reynolds. ‘@stonedziti gosling has more of a lightbulb shaped head & was in crazy stupid love. Reynolds was in green lantern. both wear suits sometimes’, a fan wrote.

Both look extremely dashing and have same facial features. Their face is V shaped with beard and moustache, though Gosling has trimmed his beard.

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Both are in their thirties. Both are expecting their second child, EOnline! reports.

Both Actors were born in Canada. Reynolds was born in  October 23, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia and  Gosling was born in  November 12, 1980 London, Ontario. This also means both have the same zodiac, Scorpio, even though Reynolds falls in the cusp with Libra.

Both are animal lovers and have dogs as pets.

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Both these actors have been linked to some of the most famous women of the industry. Ryan Gosling dated Rachel McAdams from mid-2005 to mid-2007, and Reynolds married the sexiest woman of the world, according to Playboy. She is none other than Scarlett Johnasson, who is known for her sexy voice as well. Her voice for The Jungle Book and Her has been highly appreciated.