Ryan Fitzpatrick is still sitting on the sidelines when it comes to his contract with the New York Jets. With an offer of around $8 million (AU$11 million), the quarterback feels he’s being dealt with a huge pay cut.

With fellow quarterbacks from other teams receiving $17.5-18 million per year, one can empathise with Fitzpatrick. More so when one sees that Fitzpatrick’s performance is better than the other quarterbacks of other teams who bring home more than what he does.

In an NFL voice clip, he said he’d love to continue to play with the guys he played with last year. However, he cites that there was a problem in the terms of the “dollars and cents” but he’d rather leave the negotiation details behind closed doors.

Though Fitzpatrick is still playing the numbers game, it seems the quarterback only has the New York Jets courting him to play, albeit at a lower salary than his contemporaries.

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“I know my value to a team is my value to a particular team. You’d drive yourself crazy if you look at other guys and say, ‘Why not me? Why not me?'” ESPN quotes Fitzpatrick musing.

Clearly, he’s not happy with the contract price the New York Jets is offering him as a free agent quarterback. He has since clarified that he now knows better than to accept anything below what he’s worth.

“I think, earlier in my career, I think that’s something you fall into as a player. Right now, no. I understand the market and I understand those guys. I’m happy for them, for what they got,” Fitzpatrick said in a radio interview.

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Although negotiations haven’t been moving, Fitzpatrick is sure he will be playing in the upcoming season.

“I’m playing. I’m playing football next year,” the 33-year-old quarterback said.

The New York Jets will begin their off-season practice on Tuesday, the first of 10 practice sessions.

New York Jets executives and decision makers have been quiet on the issue. However, they hope that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick comes back and signs with them again for the next season before their intensive training begins in July.