Well it has come to a ‘tit-for-tat’ response by Russia as it ordered to block the Ukraine-registered trucks from entering Russian territories.  This is their counter-action after Ukrainian protesters blocked Russian trucks.

The response came after activists blocked Russian trucks in around 10 areas, across borders with Belarus and Western countries. Following tensions between Ukraine government and Russia-backed rebels, Ukraine and Russia have imposed ban on food product imports and air connection.

On February 11, protestors from Zakarpattia, Lviv and Volyn regions began their protest. Around 50 Russian trucks were stopped in Zakarpattia Region. Some activists from In Lviv Region are making efforts to stop the protest at Kyiv-Chop International highway.

Around 100 trucks are blocked across many regions in Ukraine. Five-hundred trucks still await to enter Ukraine from the EU on their return to Russia, said Russia’s Transport Ministry.

Some of the blocked vehicles had Saint George’s ribbon, the protesters related it to Russian military aggression, separatism, and war.

The rally has stretched up to the Zhymtomyr region. Trucks are blocked blocked through Vystupovichi border checkpoint in Zhytomyr region on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.

Pravy Sector, Ukrainian political and military faction raged another protest against the Russian trucks heading to Slovakia and Hungary.

“Today the indefinite action of blocking Russian trucks in Zakarpattia Region has started. Some days ago Poland forbade [Russian cargo transport] to enter and move on its territory. Therefore, trucks that are transporting the production of Kremlin occupation forces to European countries changed their route, and the traffic at the borders of Zakarpattia Region with Slovakia and Hungary increased”, activists report on Facebook, according to a report by Ukraine Today.

The Ukraine Cabinet has called for a resolving-plan and has ordered interior, foreign and trade ministries to come up with a plan by Monday, according to a report filed by FOX 12 Oregon.