Two Russian fighter jets came extremely close to a US Navy-guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea. The fighter jets flew within 75 feet of the warship, the US official stated.

The US Navy did not comment on the move in public but a serious discussion is going on inside the Pentagon regarding the release of the video and pictures of the encounter which indicated the danger the jets posed to the Navy destroyer.

The defence officials told Fox News that the Russian Su-24 attack aircraft reached a dangerous altitude and buzzed while USS Donald Cook was performing flight operations with a Polish helicopter and the helicopter was taking off the ground.

The officials said that the Russian jet came within the 100 feet off the ground from the destroyer. The very next day, another Russian jet came just 30 feet of the destroyer. One of the images released by US authorities show the fighter jet’s side door open and a person in jeans sitting on the rear seat.

US Navy officials said that the attempts to communicate with the Russian pilots were unsuccessful. Over the last 18 months, the US has also witnessed an increase in Russian submarine activity in the region. Consequently, the US has enhanced its surveillance of those submarines, reported The Wall Street Journal.

“As Russian sub activity has increased in the region, the US and its allies have increased their monitoring and tracking of them. We want the Russians to know that we know where they are,” the US defence official said.

The US and Russia have an agreement which dates back to 1972, an agreement that stipulates avoiding these type of moves by both the countries. In 2015, Turkey shot down a Russian jet after the jet entered Turkish airspace.

Back in April 2014, a Russian jet also buzzed the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea.