Russia has rapped the German authorities over the explanation of rape-case in Berlin which German police had not disclosed much information about.

While addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov demanded German authorities for full information about a Russian-German girl named Lisa, who was sexually assaulted by migrants in Berlin.

“The information was covered up for a very long time during her disappearance for some reason,” said Lavrov.

The 13-year-old student from Berlin-Marzahn, was missing from January 11. After disappearing for 30 hours, she reappeared with a police complaint against two asylum seekers claimed to have kidnapped her at a railway station in eastern part of Berlin.

As per her claims the migrants took her to an apartment and raped her. She said all the accused were from southern countries and had spoken broken German, wrote DW in a report.

Russian community in Germany led to anti-migrants protests across the city. Thousands came to the streets against the police’s “silence” for not providing any explanation.

Hundreds of protestors mustered in front of asylum seeker’s homes in Berlin and South Germany.

The outrage fuelled after Russian media channel, Channel One reported the “girl was kidnapped and raped by the southern-looking asylum-seekers.”

According to German Police, there were no proofs of kidnapping and rape.There were only signs of “consensual sexual contact.” Martin Steltner, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, told Berlin’s RBB public radio on Monday. He said that one man was with Turkish background and other one was German with Turkish background, in a report by DW.

There was no update about the further investigation of the case, whether they had sex with the minor.

Media in Russia has also commented on German Police for the delay in the case. Some have pulled up the Cologne’s New Years Day attacks and criticised police for being “silent”.

According to a report by DW, The pro-Kremlin channel NTV stretched a bit too far saying, “in Germany and in Sweden, residents are regularly raped by refugees … but the local authorities and police hide these facts and do not open criminal investigations.”