The feud between legends is not something new these days. This time, the buzz makers are two basketball legends, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Reports say the two has not been in very good terms for quite some time, and the latest Air Jordan ad might be the last nail on the coffin. Would the diss worsen the Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant feud?

Feuds between rappers have become a new trend. While the beef between Drake and Em and Meek Mill and Drake has pulled quite a lot of media attention, here is one more that is sure to become the talk of the town: the Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant feud. The former has been picked up for Jordan’s new campaign.  A recently released clip of the advert features Russ taking shots at KD in a smart way. The hints can be read through the words of the ad which say: “Some run, some make runways!”

Many relevant sources speculate that these words are secretly meant for Kevin Durant. “Some run,” could be in reference to Durant ‘running’ to the Dubs looking for a title. On the other hand, “Some make runways,” might be portraying Westbrook’s slow and steady pace to achieve success. He is the one who is going to try and do it the conventional way with the Thunders.

Watch Here:

While the indications are pretty obvious, they are most likely inviting a disaster. Why? Kevin Durant is one of the biggest clients of Nike, the brand that produces Air Jordan.  In fact, Durant has a money-spinning endorsement contract with Nike, reports Give Me Sports. So how profitable would it be for Nike to take such risk? Endorsing their brand through the Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant feud might not be as profitable as it seems.  The stakes are pretty high for the American footwear company.

In the advertisement world, it is quite natural to see brands firing shots at rivals. However, trying to target an elite client just to promote a product doesn’t appear to be a healthy marketing mode. Would the diss give a nasty shape to the Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant feud?

Neither Russell Westbrook nor Kevin Durant has commented on the issue yet. Even Nike is keeping mum.  To see whether or not the world will see the Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant feud worsening after the ad clip, stay tuned. Until then, you could share your views below.