Are you a fan of the “Rush Hour” trilogy? Do you miss this action comedy featuring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan? Do you miss the brilliant martial arts, the comic timing of the lead pair, the stereotyping and the jokes? If you have answered in an affirmative to all these, then here is some good news.

CBS recently released the first trailer of their new TV show “Rush Hour” starring Justin Hires and Jon Foo in pivotal roles.  However, critics have panned the trailer saying that it is racist and wonder if the stereotypes are relevant in today’s day and age.

According to, during the show’s Television Critics Association’s press tour a critic asked the panel of the cast and producers, “When the Rush Hour movies were out, they took criticism for being centered on two character who were really stereotypical.”

“Watching the pilot, I see you haven’t done much to change those archetypes. At a time where shows are really trying to have a nuanced discussion about race, these characters still feel very stereotypical to me. How are you going to try these archetypes a little bit so that they don’t feel so rooted in these longstanding stereotypes?”

Though stumped by the question, Justin Hires replied, “It really depends on your perception and your perspective of what you enjoy,” he said. “I think we’re showing pretty much an accurate portrayal.”

Rush Hour TV Series is the same plot as the movies reloaded for the small screen. Movieweb reports, that like in the movie, a by-the book cop from Hong Kong is forced to partner with the street smart LAPD detective. There is clash of the cultures, disagreements and some slick action scenes as Detectives Lee and Carter go about busting a Chinese organized crime ring.

Even though the trailer of the series is action packed, it has received mixed reviews from the audiences as many believe that the trailer has nothing new to offer.