After two of the most epic semi-final clashes in Rugby World Cup 2015, Australia vs Argentina and New Zealand vs South Africa, the final clash at Twickenham will see a battle of Oceania.

It was rather impossible to bat an eye lid in both the semi final clashes as New Zealand won the street fight against South Africa, while Australia’s thrilling win against Argentine proved to be a feast.

BBC writer Tom Fordyce noted, while writing on Argentina’s exit, “A nation without a single professional club and a national side starved of regular competition could not be expected to take the big boys on with ambition and flair and grand designs.”

While the Wallabies kept pushing the Pumas towards defeat, Argentina coach Daniel Hourcade exclaimed, “If we played again I would play the same plan, our legacy should be the way we play the game.”

Australia and New Zealand have never clashed before in a world cup final. As we look forward to the epic clash on Oct. 31 at Twickenham, we hereby bring you 8 Best Moments from the Australia vs Argentina clash.

Australia’s Winning Moment

After getting on the brink of crashing out of the tournament, the Wallabies pulled themselves back to make it into the finals of World Rugby 2015.

The Dangerous Runner

As BBC quoted, “100 meters made with ball in hand, six defenders beaten, three clean breaks and plenty more clean pairs of heels.” The 21-year-old young Argentinian winger, Santiago Cordero, made a terrific run of 100 meters.

Argentina’s Comeback

The Pumas kept coming back. They made 142 and had the most explosive runners on the field.

David Pocock

It turned out to be a bloody affair on Sunday for David Pocock. He kept going though and turning huge shifts. He remained unbowed as the Australian giant is hopeful to repeat his form in the finals.

Mr. Reliable

The veteran winger, Adam Ashley-Cooper remains the most reliable player and the AU news quotes, “His match-winning third try will be one of the most replayed moments in Wallabies history.”

Great Wall of Australia

Yes, the Defense was not anything less than a wall. It was rather Impenetrable. The Pumas kept attacking but the Wallabies never surrendered.

Argentina Exit in Style

The match turned out to be one of the best semi-final clashes in the history of the game. While the Argentinians had a young side to play against opponents such as Australia, they will take a lot of experience for the years to come. Rest assured, their exit was in style.

Australia vs New Zealand Clash

The final face off will be something big. Both teams have never faced each other in a Rugby World Cup final and fans expect some extraordinary display of class on the eve of Oct. 31.