Are you ready for UFC 200? After a thrilling contest on Sunday night, which saw Holly Holm shock the World beating Ronda Rousey to win the women’s Bantamweight title at UFC 193 in Melbourne, fans are ready for another clash.

UFC fans have yet to gulp down the fact that Rousey has actually lost her first ever fight, and rumors are already making the rounds for a possible second bout.

UFC President Dana White says, “The rematch makes a lot of sense, I think the rematch is what people would want to see.”

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Holly Holm, who knocked out the ace champion on Sunday evening’s match, seems to agree with the UFC president, notes Heavy.

The Bantamweight Champion said, “Anybody who does come out with the victory should give the rematch,” Holm said.

“That’s how the sport goes and people are really going to want to see it. It’ll be a totally different fight the second time around, you know. I’m ready for it.”

According to The Washington Post, “Holm’s victory was arguably the biggest upset in UFC history.” A lot of fans had anticipated Rousey’s Win but Holm turned the tables perfectly and knocked out favored Rousey at 0:59 of second round at UFC 193. Holm landed 29 of 38 significant strikes to head in seismic upset win.

Rousey, however, remained unavailable to comment on the possible bout against Holm.

UFC 200 is currently scheduled for July 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, and Rousey would be the perfect candidate to headline the cards, notes Fox Sports. The former champ wants to focus on her acting career right now. She was involved with the popular “Fast and Furious” franchise and “Road House”. She is even engaged to working with Mark Wahlberg in Indonesia.

“I would like to wait until UFC 200 to fight again,” Rousey recently revealed when speaking to Rolling Stone. “I’m going to be filming (movies) in the meantime, so I’m still going to be keeping busy.”

Well, we shall all wait for an official confirmation on the Rousey vs Holm rematch.