Rotorua’s premises have been found to be at high risk by the Rotorua Lakes Council, with one out of seven being classified as such. Some were also grouped as truly unacceptable by the Waiariki Institute of Tourism Hospitality Head Bart Vosse.

Based on the RLC information, 73 out of 541 premises in Rotorua are believed to be in the category of high risk. The extremely high figure represents 13 percent of the market, which is not acceptable in the modern age, considering that the tourism is the biggest business sector.

Rotorua’s incidence of high risk is an indication of the premises’ poor standard when it comes to hygiene, food safety, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point practices and personal hygiene. With standard as poor as this, the customers have the potential to become ill, caused by purchasing in their environment, Headlines reported.

Vosse vowed to never promote a business that has been categorized as high risk because he believes that any business with a poor rating must be shut down or at least be compelled to complete a training which is recognized nationwide. Unfortunately, several newly established businesses do not invest in training, placing no value to the legislative measures that will ensure the safety of the customers.

While Waiariki has been known in providing training for public food safety, a lot of business owners do not consider this as a priority.

RLC aims to inspect 100 percent of premises with high risk, yet on Dec. 31, the inspected numbers stood at around 19 percent. Kurt Williams of RLC Kurt Williams said that the inspection deficit had been the result of staff shortages, which has been fixed already. He added that inspections are quite a challenge.

Meanwhile, RLC stated that the lack of staff had an effect several inspections that were made, however hiring of a new inspector may rise up the rate of inspections, Stuff reported.