Renowned writer Rosie Waterland talked about fostering children and providing quality foster homes during her Opera House appearance.

During her Opera House talk on “How To Be Yourself,” she talked about the foster system that played a negative role in her and her sisters’ life. Her sisters were present for her talk.

She said that she and her sisters were deprived of “quality” foster homes. When an attendant raised a question on how to support a family like hers, Waterland’s answer was: “Foster a child.”

Earlier his year, she posted a naked photo of herself on her Instagram and Facebook page. She wrote a message along with the photo, discussing how female bodies are talked about. Her Facebook page has 90,000 followers.

She shared the naked selfie on the night of January 20, 2016 and expressed that she didn’t care about the repercussions. Her post gained 25,000 likes and has been shared more than 2200 times, says News Corp.

The writer of the memoir – “The Anti-Cool Girl”, is famous for writing recaps of The Bachelor on Mamamia. The memoir deals with her “troubled and traumatic childhood.”

Waterland, 28, wrote a rebellious post regarding why her body was not stopping her from being successful. The post also said that her body was not “conventionally flawless,” according to The Huffington Post Australia.

There was enough madness among the sell-out crowd at the All About Women Festival, where she talked about the post. #AllAboutWomen has gone viral on Twitter.

The comedian-writer stated that it shouldn’t matter what a woman looks like. “When you’re spectacularly intelligent and talented, your appearance and weight should not even be an issue,” she said.

“As a woman, even if your appearance isn’t an issue to you, it is to everyone else. I get that. But, f*** everyone else.”

When several women called her “brave”, Waterland said that calling it “brave” is a disguised way of saying that ‘your body is ugly but you’re showing it anyway.’

The naked photo was taken off from her Instagram account, on the context that it “violates” their community standards.