Roots 2016, the retelling of the 1977 classic of the same title, has premiered on History Channel on May 31 and there are three more episodes before the series wraps up. Those who will miss part 3, however, can watch online.

When the series was aired back in 1977, it became one of the most watched TV series of its time. The problem is the episodes air on four consecutive days, and on weekdays no less. So it’s very easy to understand that a significant number of people will choose to skip Roots 2016 for one reason or the other.

Good thing that viewers will still have the chance to watch part 3 of Roots 2016 online as the episode will be streamed by Lifetime Movie Network, A&E and Lifetime apart from History Channel. The episodes can be watched through online streaming by way of live feeds, Earn the Necklace said.

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The synopsis of Roots 2016 part 3 shows George exhibiting the love for cockfighting and flirting. Because of his passion with gamecocks, he earned the nickname “Chicken George.” While he is married to the daughter of a preacher, George still longs to be free from the shackles of slavery. Just when he’s found his grove, he found himself being sold off to another trader to save the family farm.

George will now try to survive in the big city of London.

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“The new ‘Roots’ is essentially a series of interlinked TV movies, each one focused on a particular generation of the progeny of Kunta Kinte (Malachi Kirby),” said Variety. “The transitions can be bumpy as new characters are established and relationships are quickly — and sometimes thinly — sketched out.”

Meanwhile, those living in Canada may find it harder to watch Roots 2016 part 3 online since only A&E is confirmed to show the series. There’s another network that will show the series but fans will have to wait until fall before they can watch it again.