Roosters skipper and NRL star Mitchell Pearce has claimed he did not take in drugs at the Australia Day party where a video was shot in which he appeared performing a sex act with a dog.

The Australia Day party video was distributed to different media outlets. Pearce, in conversation with Fairfax Radio’s Allan Jones, said that although he did not consume drugs on that day, he hardly realises someone was shooting his video. He came to know about the video only when his Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson contacted him the next day. “My coach Trent Robinson gave me a call and explained to me there was a video of me from the night before which blew my mind a bit,” he claimed.

The NRL star player returned from a Thailand rehabilitation clinic the day before Australia Day. When asked about being under drug influence while his video was shot, he said he didn’t consume any drug. Nevertheless, he took full responsibility for his actions as he has gained his image by himself. “Emotionally, I’ve needed to grow up, I’m under no illusions about that,” he said. “I’ve let myself down, I’ve a lot of other people down. It’s not going to go away overnight, the hard work starts now.”

Besides recording Pearce’s lewd act with a dog, the video also captured a recording of a woman who claimed Pearce urinated on himself as well as her couch. With his return to Australia, the player is hopeful of retaining the bond that he used to share with the Roosters, which seemed difficult with NRL’s women’s advisor Catherine Lumby standing against him.

According to TV New Zealand, the NSW Origin playmaker might get suspended for six weeks along with demanding a penalty of $50,000. According to Lumby, it would only be a slap on his wrist.

“Personally I wouldn’t (allow him back in the game) because of all the support and education he has had and the fact he is a senior leader who should know better,” she told News Corp Australia. “He has had ample opportunity (to learn).”