UFC star Ronda Rousey hit headlines when she decided to fight again after months of break. However, rumors have it that she is not mentally stable after her loss in November 2015.

Fans were all in hype upon knowing Rousey’s comeback. She will face Amanda Nunes for UFC 207 on December 30. It will be Rousey’s first fight after a year of hiatus. Everyone is expecting to see her win back the title from the current women’s bantamweight champion.

In a report by the Daily Star, the 29-year-old had a depression after her loss to Holly Holm, and fans understood why she wasn’t ready to make many appearancess. However, now that she’s back, fans are eager to hear words from her.

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During her weigh-ins with opponent Nunes, fans were not able to see her that much as she exited the stage immediately. Her actions led to fans’ disappointment as they were not happy with what she did. “My production guy screwed that thing up. It made Ronda look bad again, like she just stormed off,” UFC president Dana White said.

White defended Rousey and claimed she did not intentionally walk out of the stage. However, the Inquisitr reports that her loss affected her so much, physically and mentally. Aside from her physical injuries, she revealed that she also thought of suicide. She thought that she has nothing else to do and people would look at her as a nobody.

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There have been reports that Rousey was not herself after the weigh-ins. People had to cheer her up because she was upset. If the rumors were true about her mental health, it would be hard for her to win the fight in December.

However, many believe that the UFC star will win back her title and probably her chance to also revert to her normal self.