Ronda Rousey will make her UFC comeback before the year ends, fighting whoever will have the women’s bantamweight title.

Rousey’s been out of the limelight after Holly Holm knocked her out last November in UFC 193 Australia. Holm, on the other hand, lost the title to Miesha Tate when she first defended it last March on UFC 196.

Rousey was seen in New York when UFC was legalized in the state by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The fighter said it would be great to fight in New York for UFC 205 at the Madison Square Garden and it seems that it could just happen.

MMAJunkie speculated that her fight could be against Tate or Amanda Nunes but there have been developments on the story.

UFC President Dana White confirmed on ESPN that Rousey will be fighting in New York against whoever has the belt when she’s back. This statement has just put an end to rumors that Rousey and Holm will have a rematch.

Holm recently speculated a rematch against Rousey after failing to get a rematch with Tate at UFC 200 and turning down a fight against Cris Justino.

It’s clear that there are other plans for Holm as Tate will be defending her title against Amanda Nunes. Tate may also have one more fight before Rousey comes back to fight.

White said that Miesha will be fighting on UFC 200 against Nunes and if she wins, she can have one more fight and then fight Rousey.

The UFC president also said, according to Fox Sports, that fighters have been interested in gaining a spot on UFC 205 in New York. However, decisions on who will make it on fight night still have to be made.

It seems that Rousey is the only one with the clear spot for the fight and could be part of the main event. It could be her chance to grab the bantamweight title she’s had and defended before it was won by Holm.