UFC fans have been hoping for a Ronda Rousey fight against Cris Cyborg after Cyborg quickly won the fight against Leslie Smith at the UFC 198.

According to Bleacher Report, Cyborg did not immediately ask for a fight against Rousey after her most recent win but she has been eyeing the former UFC fighter. In a Facebook post on May 15, Cyborg seems to be taunting Rousey to a fight in New York.

However, Cris Cyborg has taken her challenge a level up by daring the former bantamweight champion to a fight in New York for UFC 205 in a Running Man Challenge video.

Cyborg also posted the video on Facebook with the caption saying, “Running Man challenge…all the way to New York! Share this post if you want to see this fight @ufc #ufc205!!!”

Rousey has been silent since she lost her undefeated record to Holly Holm during UFC 193. The exact date of her return is still not determined but UFC President Dana White initially planned for a fight in November or December. This would suit UFC 205’s first fight in New York, but the company recently took back its words, saying that there is no certain time for Rousey’s return to the octagon.

According to Sports Joe, Rousey may demand a rematch against Holm or Holm’s defeater Miesha Tate before she gives Cyborg the chance. Given this, if Rousey will indeed come back before the year ends, it will be a big draw for the UFC as they would surely want to put on a great show at the Madison Square Garden.

In the meantime, however, Rousey has been busy with her acting responsibilities. The star is scheduled to be part of an 80s film remake of Road House. She is also expected to act with Tina Fey for a new comedy titled Do Nothing Bitches.

Thus far, Cris Cyborg’s stunt on social media has not worked yet.