A Romanian Member of Parliament bribed voters with fried chicken to win an election in 2012, will now face a two-year sentence.

Florin Aurelian Popescu, a Liberal Democrat (PDL) is believed to have distributed 60 tonnes of fried chicken to electorate members. He ordered it in bulk from a local business company.

“On April 5, 2012, several people sent by Florin Popescu loaded the fried chicken into vans and took it to various locations where it was distributed. All the packages of chicken were distributed for election purposes” said investigator in a report by Townhall.

He also resigned from the parliamentary position last May. Officially, he cannot leave the country until he completes his two-year sentence in jail.

“A Bucharest court placed the condition of no parole on Popescu’s sentence while also rejecting an appeal by the disgraced politician during the culmination of a case that won him the mocking nickname the ‘Chicken Baron,” quoted Inquisitr.

The chicken bribe was also a part of campaign “to control the mayoralty of Dambovita County”.

Romania is among the top politically corrupted countries. The number of cases of politicians bribing their voters in different forms has been very high.

Last year, a deadly fire which broke out in a nightclub and this sparked an anti-government protest.  People are protesting against the government for giving health and safety permits to unsafe places. The club was believed to have received the permits despite its being unsafe by bribing local politicians and this caused outrage among Romanians. The protest caused the resignation of former prime minister Victor Ponta, who earlier faced probe over tax evasion and fraud, following a scandal.

Last year, the mayor of Romania’s capital, Sorin Oprescu, was detained following a probe over taking bribes. He was accused of taking illicit payments from the companies having contracts with the city. Prosecutors alleged that he for taking 10% of the deal made from the companies. However, he denied the allegations.