The thrill of a roller coaster ride is ethereal. But what will happen, when you see your son’s safety belt coming unhinged in the middle of the ride. Scary… .

That is what happened to a Texan father. But the quick thinking man rose to the occasion and prevented his son from slipping out of the roller coaster as the seatbelt came off.  To make the hazard public, the father, who was able to film the distressing moments, has posted the video on Facebook.

According to the Facebook post, Delbert Latham and his family were out at Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo, Texas on a night out when the incident occur. Latham and his son Kaysen decided to ride a small roller coaster called the Mousetrap.

As seen in the shared video, Kaysen’s panic and predicament from an unhinged seatbelt are revealed and the way his father struggled to hold the boy from getting crushed under the roller coaster was clearly captured on film.

“Our seatbelt came apart on the Mousetrap and Kaysen slid to the bottom of the floor board and I had to grab him and pull him back up and hold him for the rest of the ride,” Delbert noted in his Facebook post. The video has evoked a huge response online.

Delbert also asserts that the staff knew it was a faulty belt and were unconcerned about the safety hazard.

“When I told the guy at the end of the ride he stated that he knew that had happened sometimes,” Delbert wrote on Facebook.

After the video created a stir, the amusement park issued a statement, saying the faulty belt has been fixed.

“Wonderland immediately reached back out to Mr. Latham the evening it happened and promptly removed the back cart from the ride and ensured all other seatbelts were in proper working order. The Mouse Trap was back in full operation on Saturday,” the company said in a statement.

It also tried to twist the matter by saying the whole ride was originally conceived as without any belts at all.

“This particular ride was originally built without seatbelts, but Wonderland later added belts as an extra safety measure,” Wonderland’s statement claimed, adds Mashable.