President-elect Rodrigo Duterte unleashed another tirade against journalists on Thursday, remarking that they “think too much of themselves.”

During a late-night press conference in Davao City, Duterte talked more about corrupt journalists, the “veil of hypocrisy” in journalism, the church and politics, as well as his thoughts on the presidency.

When he remarked on Tuesday that journalists deserve to die for being corrupt and biased, Duterte explained that he was simply telling the truth, and that he will not apologize for his comments.

However, Duterte added that a journalist does not need to be afraid of getting killed if he or she has not done anything wrong, according to ABS-CBN News.

Kung papatayin ka talaga, papatayin ka (If you will be killed, you will be killed). There is no way to know that the next victim would be a journalist,” he said. “Hindi ka naman talaga papatayin kung wala kang ginawa (You won’t be killed if you haven’t done anything wrong).”

Duterte’s comments drew negative responses not just from media organizations in the Philippines, but those from different countries around the world as well.

However, the president-elect is adamant, and has even told journalists present during the press conference to no longer cover him and urged to follow calls about boycotting him.

“I’m urging you: make this trip your last in Davao City. I do not care if no one is covering me,” Duterte said.

He told journalists and TV networks to cover him via the state television network or his website where updates will be posted by his administration.

After his almost two-hour press conference, however, Duterte declared that he would go through a “metamorphosis” once he takes his oath and is inaugurated as president on June 30.

The metamorphosis, he explains, is his transformation from being a foul-mouthed mayor to a presidential leader, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“I am not yet president. Maya maya, maghintay kayo (Just wait for later). I’m really a rude person. I’m enjoying my last time as a rude person,” Duterte said.