It seems that Rockstar Games is planning to launch new games next year, as indicated by the company’s fiscal statements.

The statement was given by Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Rockstar Games. The company announced that it will be organizing Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 next month. The event will see new game announcements that are in development at the studio, as per PlayStation Lifestyle.

Zelnick said that the company will be announcing “big new projects” at E3 this year, and for gamers, this is exciting news. However, he also added that the company will not be releasing any games before the end of the company’s fiscal year. This means there will not be any game release until April 2017.

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The move was taken to maintain the 75-25 revenue split between 2K games and Rockstar games. Delaying releases would ensure that 2K games would get a fair share of revenue. During the company’s earnings call, CFO Lanie Goldstein announced the move, notes The Country Caller.

As Rockstar games itself announced the news, this should put an end to all the rumors floating around. However, it would be more interesting to know about the big project announcements that will be featured at the E3 this year.

It is expected that the company would announce the Red Dead Redemption sequel, which might be a bit of wishful thinking. Since the company has announced no new games until the end of the financial year, rumors regarding the game don’t make any sense.

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Rockstar Games could also release a remastered version of the original Red Dead Redemption game, and it would be very well received. Nonetheless, E3 is expected to be an exciting event this year, and we are looking forward to the big event with all alacrity.

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