Psyonix Studios has announced that they have already figured out how to enable cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rocket League’s developer is now allowing players on Xbox One to connect with PC players and PC players can also now play with those who are using the PS4. This will bridge the gap between consoles and finally try to unite them as one strong gaming community.

A few days ago, Microsoft has announced that they will develop cross-platform play, This will allow Xbox One players and Windows 10 Xbox Live users to play with different online multiplayer networks. This includes other consoles and PC networks which were enabled on the process.

The first game to actually offer this feature is Rocket League, and developer Psyonix is  proud of such an achievement. Rocket League is now fully prepared to support the feature, PS4 vs Xbox cross-play hasn’t been officially confirmed as of the moment but according to developer, Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix has made sure to take care of the issues surrounding it.

Rocket League is ready to handle issues such as publisher conflict before they decided on anything. Publishers may have some concerns with the cross-platform play and usually, it’s just the politics that is the main cause of the problem. This is the reason why Sony is already fully prepared to allow PS4/PC cross-play and Microsoft already gave their go signal as well.

The technology is already there it’s just they need a little bit of time to get everything up and running. Many players are already excited of such a milestone in gaming. Psyonix just wants to make everything go smoothly and make it a good experience. Microsoft has taken the liberty to invite other networks, including rival consoles to open their networks to Xbox Live and So far, Sony has responded positively.