Robert Pattinson’s fiancee FKA twigs has a message for her haters. The 28-year-old British singer said that her love reserves are in abundance and are not just restricted towards Pattinson. She has positive feeling towards all living things, including her haters.

Twigs, who suffered severe online criticism when she started dating the “Twilight” actor, took to Instagram to write a lengthy post about love. The “Glass & Patron” singer, who also had to face racist abuse from ‘Robsten’ fans, said she has love for everybody and does not get tired about it.

“Ok so i woke up thinking… the love that is within me can never ever run out, resources can never get low. my love is in abundance and it is boundless. even when i am tired and i think i just can’t possibly…… actually i most definitely can still….. love for my neighbour, the earth, leaves, you, the woman at the bus stop, my family, the boy that just walked past me, it’s endless. the love i have comes with a certificate saying it will never ever bleed dry so i can act wild and run fast with it,” twigs wrote on Instagram.

When she started dating Pattinson a year ago, fans of Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart wrote nasty comments on her Twitter timeline and even called her “monkey faced.” However, FKA twigs and Pattinson maintained a dignified silence on the issue until now.

“You love towards me and i love towards you, you hate towards me and i love towards you, i really do. you hate towards me AND I LOVE TOWARDS YOU,” Twigs continued, apparently referring to the racist tweets she received in past.

“I love for the day you wake up and see that your love is infinite too! i wake up real, healthy and happy and i have enough love inside for everything in my day,” she said. Twigs also added that she does feel “dark and worn out” sometimes and can also get “misguided” but these small hindrances do not stop her from spreading her love.

“But just to know i have a gift of love inside me that is limitless no matter how much i give away is amazing. what a relief to find out. it’s taken 28 years for this notion to settle, i just want the universe to know,” she wrote.

“So just to be clear, my love won’t ever run out ok ok,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, FKA twigs has also featured in the latest series of advertisements from lingerie designer Calvin Klein.

i excel in #mycalvins

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The songstress posted a few pictures of herself from the latest Calvin Klein advertisement where she is seen flexing her muscles, stretching and even swimming underwater. Other artists who will be featured in the ads include Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, Joey Bada$$, Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber.