Criminals appear to think of more elaborate schemes in terms of carrying out their crimes.

People reports that one of these new and horrific schemes is threatening to infect their victim/s of AIDS with a syringe. According to the website, Walpole Police confirmed the arrest of a Massachusetts man who tried to rob a liquor store last Sunday.

People identified the man as Christopher Soda, 26, who was charged with the following: assault with a dangerous weapon, attempted armed robbery, carrying a dangerous weapon, and threats to commit a crime.

My Fox Boston has detailed the events of the crime. According to the website, Soda demanded money from the store’s register and threatened the clerk that he would give him AIDS if he did not hand over the cash.

However, My Fox Boston details that the clerk took action and pulled out a baseball bat–causing the suspect to flee.

Wicked Local Stoughton details that Soda was caught Tuesday afternoon by Walpole Police at the Gaard Motel in Foxboro. The website says that Soda is currently homeless but previously lived in Norwood and Stoughton.

Wicked Local Stoughton adds that Stoughton Police suspects Soda is involved in a liquor store robbery last week. A syringe was also used in the crime.

The website quotes Stoughton Police Detective Sargeant Robert Welch in saying:

“We believed they’re tied in. We’re pretty confident he is involved.”

A familiar modus

Soda is not the first person to threaten the spread of AIDS in carrying out a robbery.

In 2011, The Denver Post reported about an elderly woman from Longmont, Colorado, who robbed the Wells Fargo Bank by slipping a note to the teller saying that she will infect him with AIDS if he did not cooperate.

In 2012, NY Daily News reported that the said woman has finally been caught when she tried to rob the bank for the third time.

The website identified the woman as Datha Nation who escaped with $7,070 when she first robbed the bank.