Singing sensation Rob Thomas has said sorry for his “racist” comment made at his solo Melbourne concert on Saturday, adding he didn’t realise the joke he cracked encouraged racial discrimination.

At his concert, Thomas said “I keep drinking until I think I’m a black Australian.” This drew the attention of several Indigenous Australians including country singer Troy Cassar-Daley and rapper Briggs. The former tweeted that he thought Thomas was a smart Bloke but “I guess I was wrong,” according to The Guardian.

Thomas said that he sat in his room and cried about the comment he made but whatever he did, he said he did not do intentionally. He did not want to hurt the sentiments for Australians. On Sunday, he gave explanation on Facebook saying that his comment was not about race. “I said I drank until I thought I was Australian. Then I drank so much that I thought I was a black Australian and then I drank so much I was a little Australian girl,” his post stated. “These were 3 things I chose at random to represent 3 thinks I’m not. I’m not Australian, I’m not black and I’m not a little girl.”

Thomas added that he came to know about the comment’s controversy when he started receiving reactions from Australians. “I didn’t know until TODAY that just the phrase ‘black Australian’ was a racist all on its own,” he wrote. “I sat in my room and I cried when I found out.”

After giving his explanation and wrapping up his entire statement, he made a formal apology and said that he would make things right ion his upcoming g shows. “I am truly sorry for how this came across, most of all to the indigenous people here,” he said. “Australia has been so good to me for so long that I’m embarrassed I don’t know more about the history and the culture.”