River Monsters host Jeremy Wade and his crew stumbled upon a shocking discovery when they made their way to a deserted island in Australia’s Northern Territory to film for the Animal Planet TV program. The team found a real-life castaway who was on the brink of death.

The River Monsters crew, who were searching for a Queensland Grouper for an episode called Death Down Under for the Animal Planet TV show, rescued a local fisherman identified as Tremine from Borroloola, Australia.

According to News.com.au, the group saw a portable cooler on a rocky island. In reference to the film Cast Away, the crew joked that Tom Hanks might come up. To their surprise, a castaway did run out from the cave and desperately jumped into the water and started swimming towards the River Monsters crew’s boat.

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The River Monsters castaway was separated from his boat two days prior to his discovery when he decided to leave his boat to find oysters. Tremine was already disoriented when he was rescued.

Stephen Shearman, director of the River Monsters episode, told Inside Edition that Tremine had suffered from sunstroke. After spending his first night on the island, he tried to walk back to his boat but was beaten by the sun. At that point, Tremine was trapped on the island.

“This guy is super experienced, goes out fishing a lot, he knows the landscape, he knows the dangers, and yet he succumbed to it so quickly,” Shearman said.

Tremine was stranded on the island without any supplies and potable water. He could’ve died if he was stranded for another day on the beach. Shearman said the River Monsters castaway had already said his final prayer and was ready to die.

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According to the crew’s guide who knew Tremine, the fisherman has no family and children so no one noticed he was missing, People reported. Folks in his town were also used to him going away for fishing trips.

The rescue of the River Monsters castaway was made in November last year, but the footage was only aired last week on Animal Planet. The River Monster crew has kept in touch with Tremine ever since. They learned that Tremine has given up smoking and transformed his life after his near-death experience.