There is a rise in demand of international schools in Asia. More and more international schools are setting up in several Asian countries.

One of the top boarding schools, Wycombe Abbey of England is going to start a school in China. It has followed the path of other international schools like Harrow, Dulwich College, Malvern and Wellington.

Wycombe Abbey is a girl’s boarding school in Buckinghamshire. However, the one they are going to open in China will be co-educational and their curriculum will incorporate a hybrid of both Chinese and English curriculum, as reported by BBC. Pupils in this school will study international GCSEs and A-levels along with Chinese curriculum in mathematics. Instead of providing education to majority of international students or UK families, it will accommodate 90 percent local Chinese students.

Wycombe Abbey’s headmistress Rhiannon Wilkinson,who has also taught in Hong Kong and Brunei,  said: “We’re catering to the insatiable demand in China for an English-medium education.”

She added, “But we are also responding to a need for an English-style education system and Chinese methods. They don’t want to be westernised but they want to apply to western universities.”

The rapid expansion of international schools in Asia will have huge implications on education in the continent. International schools were only for diplomats, politicians and elites before but presently the demand is driven by the middle class Asian families, stated Asian Correspondent. The demands for international school have increased over the years because of the aspirations of middle class parents and the inadequacies perceived by them of the national education system.

Thus, Asia has become the largest market for international education. 4,181 international schools provide education to 2.4 million students of the continent. Which means it covers 55 percent of the global international school market.

The Asian Economic Community (AEC) has also boost the demand of international schools, as English is the economic bloc’s official language. Consequently, there is a demand for high quality English language education which has boost the regions international school sector, stated another report by Asian Correspondent.

In China it has become the fashion to send the children to California for secondary level of education. These kids become unruly because of lack of parental guidance and commit several crimes. International schools in their own country will definitely solve this rising problem to some extent.