Bernie Sanders’ “political revolution” may be working for him.

The veteran politician now leads New Hampshire polls. He has also managed to close the gap in Iowa. He is gradually biting off Hillary Clinton’s share of national popularity. While winning the Democratic nomination does not seem that improbable anymore, an entry into the White House looks more probable than ever for Sanders.

According to NBC News, polls show Sanders is capable of beating most Republicans, at times by larger margins than the former US secretary of state. The situation was quite different in April 2015 when Sanders declared his nomination at a press conference. No everyone was hopeful about his chances.

Many compared Sanders with Ron Paul, who also campaigned for political revolution. Paul ran for president on two occasions even though he had no hope of winning it. However, Sanders has managed to turn the table as people started considering him as a serious possibility.

Even though he does not have huge funding like the former First Lady, Sanders has started climbing the proverbial ladder. Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver said that it was frustrating that the Democratic candidate was not getting enough attention from media.

“People did not pay as much attention to him or take him seriously in the beginning because he is an older politician from a small state who they did not know much about,” CNN quoted April Ryan, the Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, as saying.

Many are still not convinced about Sanders’ chances even though they believe he may win New Hampshire and Iowa. They think Sanders won’t be able to get enough support from minorities.

While there is still time to find out if the 74-year-old politician manages to win the nomination, he is already turning heads for contesting shoulder to shoulder with someone like Clinton and beating her at times.