Australian long jumper Brayden Davidson has managed to acquire first place in the sport, defeating all his rivals and grabbing a gold medal at the Rio Paralympics 2016.

The teen from Adelaide is just 18 yet he has achieved what no Aussie has to date. He jumped through a distance of 5.62 meters at the Olympic Stadium, stepping ahead of Brazilian Rodrigo Parreira da Silva who placed second in the long jump competition.

The presence of Reigning Paralympic champion Roman Pavlyk made the competition even tougher. Though the situation was tense, Davidson managed to win on a countback, leaving all his rivals behind. The sportsman mentioned his family when he won at the Rio Paralympics 2016. He said that it was his grandmother who inspired him to continue practicing and playing the game despite his cerebral palsy.

Davidson’s grandmother gave him the advice when he was only six years old. “My nana helped put this dream in my vision when I was six years old,” he said as quoted by Startsat60. “She told me, ‘One day if you keep on training hard you can go to Paralympics’ and I’ve just kept on pushing ever since.”

The gold medalist said he was not very confident before the final match as recent injuries deteriorated his level of confidence. He said he finally could fulfill his dream inspired by his grandparents, so he went for it. Davidson added that he participated in the Paralympics to gain experience, and he neither intended nor expected to win in the sport at all.

The Paralympian said that in the past two years, he lost both his grandparents, who meant the world to him. “All my family is back home in Adelaide,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Davidson as saying. “I’d just like to thank my family and my friends for everything that they’ve done, putting up with me and helping me out through all the tough times we’ve had.”