Ahead of the Rio Olympics 2016, the Sports Tally that predetermines the medal and winning outcomes for the athletes has already been released.

Fox Sports Australia reports that for a $340 million funding, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is already looking for a more successful competition after a disappointing foray into London Olympics last November 2012.

Under Australia’s current sports strategy called Winning Edge, 2014 saw a $3.6 million boost in direct athlete funding and an overall $340 million funding into Olympic Sports based on Australian Sports Commission site.

In preparation for the Rio Olympics, AIS also saw 1100 athletes flourish under the $41 million funding. The organisation also spearhead the AIS Podium Coach program to help coaches steer their athletes in the right pathway to securing more gold for the country.

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AIS seeks to put Australia back in the top ten of the Olympics and hopes to land more gold in key Olympic games especially in the swimming and track and field categories. These teams delivered only one gold for each category in the last London Olympics.

For the upcoming Rio Olympics, Sports Tally sees the Swimming Australia team produce at least 9-12 gold wins while the track and field is suited up for at least 2-4 gold medals.

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Australian Sports Commission CEO Simon Hollingsworth talked to Fox Sports AU about the projected outcome and has said “It’s great to see Australia’s swimmers achieving fantastic international results, but Swimming Australia’s successful transformation can be measured by far more than the growing medal tally.”

Meanwhile, AIS director Matt Favier has declared that “Australia’s position in the top ten will be decided by our athletes’ level of conversion from bronze and silver medals to gold medals. The only certainty is that the competition in Rio will be extraordinarily tough.”

The Australian Olympic team is bound for the Rio Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil on Aug 5-21.