Though Rio Olympics is just two months away from happening, experts worldwide are still trying to ask international organisations to heed their call for an alteration of their Olympic plans.

The open letter clarifies that it does not want the games to be cancelled. Rather, the concerned group of experts hopes for a postponement or relocation of the Summer Olympics.

Professor Amir Attarman had previously raised concern towards the games being held in Zika-stricken Rio through a Harvard Public Health Review.

Following his suit, a group of experts have put forth the open letter directed to WHO’s Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan.

Through an open letter sent to the World Health Organisation, the signatories asked for the organisation to alter the original plan and act fast before the event expedites the spread of the deadly Zika virus.

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Rio de Janeiro has already seen a steady rise of Zika cases with the letter citing a 320% increase in 2015.

It also said that Rio’s “poor social conditions and sanitation” will worsen the present situation, especially when health efforts are directed towards the Olympics.

Furthermore, the letter strikes at WHO’s lack of neutrality due to the Memorandum of Understanding. WHO signed the document in partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

The letter further asked WHO to reveal the signed document. By doing so, WHO will be clearing itself on its alleged conflict of interest regarding the Zika ruling on Olympics 2016.

However, even with these points, WHO rejected the appeal of the open letter.

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According to The Guardian, the Brazilian government has already put 220,000 army, navy and air forces along with 315,000 government officials to handle the international event happening in August.

The Olympics will see at least 500,000 people come into Rio for the games. WHO has kept firm on its stance, saying the only best way to combat the Zika virus is for all travelers to adhere to the travel safety measures laid down.

Rio Olympics is set to start on August 5 in Rio de Janeiro.